60' Gunderson Single Plug Door Box Car

Coming in March 2019 the first run of box cars for Z Scale, N Scale,TT Scale, S Scale, O Scale and 1:32 Scale. These are limited run Models that are Ready to Run. More info to follow in the next couple of weeks.


60' Gunderson Single Plug Box Car

Prototype Information

They're not just for passenger trains anymore! With their large size, increased carrying capacity and easy in and out center door, some railroads have acquired these 60' cars (based on Amtrak's 60' Express Box Cars) for freight service. Ideal for handling light and bulky loads that require protection from the weather, theyre hauling pulp and finished paper products on some lines.


The Model

A great way to modernize your freight car fleet these models come fully-assembled with a variety of details including correct doors and ladders. Working knuckle couplers and metal wheelsets complete these modern freight movers.