Auto-Max Phase 1

Coming in April 2019 the first run of box cars for Z Scale,TT Scale, S Scale, O Scale and 1:32 Scale. These are limited run Models that are Ready to Run. More info to follow in the next couple of weeks.


Auto Max Phase 1

The Prototype

Gunderson introduced the new AutoMax in 1999. The idea of the articulated auto transporter (as with many articulated designs) is to save weight and trucks while maximizing loading capacity.  There are two versions, Phase 1 with round roof and phase 2 with angled roof.

The following is a summary of Gunderson articulated auto transport cars as of the time of writing (June 2003):  AOK 501510-501584. Arkansas-Oklahoma Railroad, Inc. 75 cars. Built 20002001.  BNSF 314000-314228. Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Company. 229 cars. Built 1999 and 2000. Two distinct liveries. The earlier cars have a small BNSF logo on each unit. The later cars have a large BNSF logo on each unit.  CRLE 1999. Coe Rail, Inc. One car. Prototype Auto-Max built in 1999.  CSXT 600000-600019. CSX Transportation, Inc. 20 cars. Built in 2000.  FXE 518001-518050. Ferrocarril Mexicano, S.A. de C.V. 50 cars. Ferromex lettering.  GARX 68151-68172. General American Marks Company. 22 cars. Built in 2000. GATX de Mexico lettering.  KCS 8101-8200. The Kansas City Southern Railway Company. 100 cars. Built in 1999.  SOO 519000-519004. Soo Line Railroad Company. 5 cars.  NS 109000-109299, CRLE 501400-501499, and CRLE 501500-501509.


The Model

 The Steel Horse Models model faithfully replicates the basic design elements of the prototype. The car consists of two units sharing three trucks. Each unit has 23 welded panels. The center is connected by a diaphragm that is similar to those on passenger cars. The model has the correct number and placement of side panel holes. The holes are painted on. The center diaphragm is flexible and simulates the real one very well. The model comes with a short drawbar that will just barely operate on XX" radius track with perfect trackwork. 

Steel Horse Models recommends a minimum radius of XX" with the installed drawbar and I concur. A longer drawbar connector is included to theoretically allow modelers to operate the car on XX" radius track, but operating this car on that tight a radius is not practical.