EMD GP20C-ECO Locomotive



The Prototype

The GP20C-ECO is another variant in EMD's ever-growing ECO repower catalog. The program launched by EMD in 2008. The EMD ECO program has since branched out to other models. The core unit receives a rail up rebuild, the old 567 or 645 prime mover is removed and a new 8–710G3A (T0+) prime mover is implanted, the units also receive new computers (EM2000), new cabs and carbodies. This yields a 15+% reduction in fuel usage and brings to locomotive up Tier 0+ standards. These units achieve 2,000 hp. These are the first units in EMD's ECO program not to be built to Tier 2 standards. As a cost saving measure CP had the units built to the much more relaxed standards. CP used GP9/GP9u/GP9r cores for the initial 30 unit order. The units started arriving very early in 2013. The units have cabs that meet current crash-worthiness standards. The CP order of ECO repowers is the largest to date.  

CP is the only customer to order this ECO variant so far. The units carry numbers 2200-2327. 

The Model

Constructor's Version - Undecorated Kit, with Chassis and Decals

Standard Version - Ready to Run, DC only, can be easily up graded to DCC and Sound. Detail Kit package to be applied.

Signature Version - Ready to Run, DCC Sound, Super Detailed, photo-etched screens


CP 2200 - 2329